Happy Sprinkle No. 5: Because Red Sox, Yo!

Today, I am happy to be a New Englander! Because RED SOX, yo!

If you have not yet heard, the Red Sox made it to the World Series! Needless to say, I could not be more excited…actually, I probably could be more excited if I called myself a true Red Sox fan.

Besides the fact that I am not originally from New England (Go Tigers!), I don’t really follow sports too much. Sure, I’ll catch the tidbits that are discussed on the morning news, but I don’t spend time stressing over stats or discussing the latest trade.

That being said, I have nothing against sports. I was an athlete up until college, and, in fact, I quite enjoy going to a Red Sox game or other sporting event.

There is definitely something to be said about the electric energy that pulses through a stadium, and of course, at competitions, the music sounds a little better, and the food tastes a little grander…I just have no idea what is going on when it gets down to the actual sport lol.

Go team!

But it is pretty cool to be a part of Red Sox Nation right now. Even though I was not holding my breath to make the World Series, it is super cool to see how excited most of the rest of Boston is about it.

The World Series has been a main point of conversation on the news for the past few days. Of course, Fenway is being absolutely decked out to the max.

This morning, broadcasters were ooing and aawing over the World Series logo that has been painted on the Fenway field. They were also going on about how cool it is to follow the Sox on Instagram because the page is constantly being updated with World Series decorations and other such hubbub.

If there was ever a time that I wished I knew more about baseball or professional sports, this is one of those times. I would love to say “It’s great to be a Boston sports fan!”

Nevertheless, it is awesome to feel the electric energy that has taken Boston by storm and to feel a part of something that is greater than myself.

…Not to mention that my office is providing a free lunch today in honor of the World Series…so, yes, it is good to be a semi-Boston sports fan/ New Englander 🙂

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