Happy Sprinkle 14: Puppy Love

I spent the past weekend puppy sitting for an adorable one-year-old lab named Arya.

I met Arya when she was just a puppy and in the throws of obedience school. She is the fur-baby of some family friends.

When they asked if I would be willing to puppy sit, I of course was like:


Would I be WILLING  to puppysit?

Ummmm do you know about the serious contemplation I have between missing my people family or missing our dog more?

Needless to say, I excitedly accepted the invitation to puppy sit.

These past few days were glorious. They were also exhausting and made me realize that I am in  no position to be having kids right now, let alone adopting a puppy for myself.

The girl was crazy! She couldn’t have cared less about it being a weekend and my want to sleep in. To her, waking up at 5:45am is a late start to her day.

So, for the past two days, we promptly woke up at 5:30am whereupon I fed her breakfast and played with her until it was time to make the trek to the dog park.

The dog park.

It’s like she knew we were going there before I even clipped the leash to her collar.

I don’t think there was a milisecond during the 20 minute walk to the park that she wasn’t pulling on the leash as hard as she could.

Then, when we go to the park, it was almost as if she could not have been less amused!

Yes, she was clearly happy to be in the company of fellow canines, and yes, she did play with them, but this did not come without periods of seemingly not giving a crap and laying on her stomach on the cool pebbled ground while her furry friends yipped and yapped around her.

While being surrounded by dogs was a definite highlight of the park, I think it was the people that I met that made it so enjoyable.

A lot of the the people there frequent the park and upon recognizing that I was not the owner of Arya, they quickly introduced themselves and made me a welcomed part of their “dog park” community. Arya and I even walked back to the house with one of  the neighbors who also was at the park! I left the the park feeling like I had known some of the people for years.

Where I live, I am not allowed to have a pet, and the people don’t speak to each other accept for the occasional hello or head nod.

To be surrounded my seemingly good people and to love on Arya made my heart happy, a perfect contribution to the holiday spirit 🙂



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