Happy Sprinkle 12: Realizing your worth

Throughout my life, especially within the past few years, I have struggled with trying to be everything for everyone.

It is quite a self-centered and selfish way to live, really.

What gives me the right to think that I am at the center of everyone’s universe?

What right do I have to believe that I am the reason why things work out a certain way, or for the way that people behave?

In reality, to think that “highly” of yourself, to put yourself at the center of everything, is a demonstration of lack of self respect.

It is a showcase of not knowing your worth.

To put yourself at the center of everything is to hold yourself accountable for the happiness of others. It is to make yourself the reason for all of life’s negativity.

As a result, you rid yourself of happiness.

Consequently, you reward yourself with pain. You allow feelings of anger and frustration to snake around your  breaking heart, cutting you off from the light of reality.

The reality is that you are not responsible for anyone else  but yourself.

You simply cannot be everything for everyeone (or anyone!).

It is not up to you to make others like their job.

It is not your responsibility to make sure they make the most out of their experiences, even the difficult ones.

It is not your duty to pull people out of the depths of their immature graves.

Your responsibility is to yourself. Your responsibility is to be the best person that you can be.

Your duty is to be the friend that you wish you had when it felt like you were drowning and on the verge of losing consciousness.

Your job is to be kind to others and to offer words of praise and encouragement.

You see, once you realize your self-worth, you can let go of experiences and people that do not enrich in your life anymore, if they ever did, and you can welcome experiences that make you feel whole again.

To realize your self-worth is one of the greatest gifts that one can give to him or her self.

Coming to terms with my self-worth is a daily struggle. But the moment that I realized I was living my life in detremental way as an illustration of my lack of slef-worth, was the moment that I began to feel alive again.

Realizing my self-worth is my happy sprinkle, and I hope that you realize yours 🙂




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