Happy Sprinkle No. 10: A Weekend on Cape Cod

Today, my heart is full.

I spent this past weekend on Cape Cod helping at an estate sale.

About three months ago, my colleague, whom I had grown to see as family, passed away from Lymphoma.

He had been everything to me.

He was my mentor when I needed professional advice. He was my friend when I needed one the most. He was my family when I had none.

He is my guardian angel.

He and his wife had a second home on Cape Cod. Over the past five years, he spent many weekends there, doctoring it up and making sure it was the perfect Cape getaway for he and his wife and their guests that rented the home via AirBnB.

The Cape Home carries a piece of his heart.

After he passed away, his wife decided to put the home on the market; she no longer had the love of her life to share it with, and she had enough on her plate with taking care of their year-round home and finishing her doctorate degree.

The house sold in a matter of days. She is set to move out of the home by mid-November.

The estate sale was for this home.

It was a difficult couple of days.

It is emotionally draining, selling the belongings of a deceased loved one:

Handing off the books whose pages he turned with his hands, the cothing that covered his back, the tools he used to build his home, the paintings that touched his very soul.

Yet, through it all, I met some of the most wonderful people.

His wife, one the most intelectual and spirital people I know.

His sister who, until the last week of his life he had been estranged, so spirited and loving.

The Cape Cod residents that came to the sale, some of the most kind and conversational people I have ever met. I could have talked to some of them for days and I felt like I knew them for much longer than only a mere 30 minutes.

This past weekend, despite the emotional and physical difficulties of it, was a gift.

It was Gordon (my colleague), bringing myself, his wife and his sister together to help us to grow and to heal.

It was a reminder that through all of the things that make life confusing and difficult, sad and frustrating, there are other things, bigger things, that make life so beautiful and worth living.



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