Happy Sprinkle No. 7: “…but as we”

Have you ever picked up a book, and after the first paragraph said to yourself “….what the hell did I just read?….I didn’t understand a word of this shit, this is CRAP.”

I have.

In fact, I said this to myself multiple times upon trying to start reading The Electric Kool-Aid Acid Test by Tom Wolfe.

Upon what must be the 10th time of picking up the book,  I have finally made it past page five! Progress.

While I am not sure if I am fully comprehending what I am reading, I feel like I am on the cusp of a breakthrough, as I have subsequently fallen in love with some of the passages.

For example:

The citizens couldn’t know about the LSD experience , because that door had never opened for them.  To be on the threshold of- Christ! how to tell them about the life here? The Youth had always had only three options: go to school, get a job or live at home. And- how boring each was! – compared to the experience of…the inifinite…and a life in which the subject is not scholastic or bureaucratic but…Me and Us, the attuned ones amid the non-musical shiny-black-shoe multitudes, I- with my eyes on that almost invisible hole up there in the r-r-r-redwood sky… (Wolfe 65)

How eloquent is that?

I find this passage to be rooted in truth, and one that is both sad and mesmerizing.

Lets start with the mesmerizing.

It is mesmerizing because I am about as far removed from the drug scene as one can get, yet, because of this, I am drawn to it, and this passage allows me to partake in it, to experience a realm that I wouldn’t otherwise want or be able to experience.

Despite it being a mesmerizing vehicle of transportation, the passage is one of sad reality.

Isn’t it?

I mean, it so true.

Isn’t it true, that most days, we walk around like zombies, doing and saying what we have been told to, what we have been conditioned to believe is “right”, while never really living our truths?

And we come to believe these conditioned truths.

We forget that at the end of the day,  we are all so beautifully different from each other, yet we are all so wonderfully similar.

We are all so beautifully different from each other, yet we are all so wonderfully similar.

I like plaid. My favorite color is red. Nothing gives me more pleasure than walking the beach, the sand filling the spaces between my toes, the soft sea air that sends my hair swirling around my face to kiss my cheeks.

You like solid print. Your favorite color is beige. You enjoy the sturdy confines of your home, a cocoon of safety, warmth and familiarity (I enjoy this, too).

But you are human. I am human.

We want the same things .

We want love.

We want respect.

We want a place.

We want open and honest conversation.

We want acceptance.

We want life.

We want to live

So lets start doing that.

Lets start to live our best life.

Lets start to live our best life by understanding that being human, being human, being human….

That being human…

Being human is enough.







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