Happy Sprinkle No. 3: Red Pants and Checkered Vans

Today, I am happy for red pants and original checkerboard Vans shoes. Something about this combo screams retro and so…Autumnal. Which is why I have decided to flaunt both of these items on my trip to Lamplighter Brewing Co. after work. today.

Do I sound hipster yet? Probably not because a hipster would never admit to being hipster, and she would certainly never admit to trying to be a hipster, would she?

All I know is that red, and black and white checkerboard is also the combination that I want for my dream kitchen.

That’s right, my dream kitchen has a floor that is composed of big black and white tiles, and all of the kitchen appliances are red: a red coffee pot, a big red clock, a red stove, and a red fridge.

Oh and a red blender!

Trust me, my dream kitchen looks great in my head. And that makes me happy! 🙂

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