Happy Sprinkle No. 1: Young the Giant

young the giantHey there! Happy Sprinkles is a blog that is dedicated to showcasing the things that make me happy, namely food, music, travel and people. Basically, whatever is contributing to my happiness is what this blog will feature. Don’t  be shy, dig in! I have plenty of sprinkles to go around.

Sprinkle No. 1: Young the Giant 

This band. What a gem.

These guys are not new to the music scene, but I only recently started getting into them. For that I need to thank YouTube for adding them to my reccomended music list.

It is not too often that I discover a band where I enjoy their acoustic/live sets better than their recorded ones. So when I clicked on the video for Mind over Matter (In the Open), I was pleasantly surprised when it became some of the most magical 4 minutes and 20 seconds of my life.

It’s like an act of passion for these guys. Not only do they sound so, so good, but they seem to be super into it, like they are really feeling the music and letting it be a part of them. It is a pretty cool thing to witness.

So, without further ado, I give you Young the Giant


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