Happy Sprinkle No. 16: No Good is Too Good

I have a love-hate relationship with pop-punk music.

Sometimes, pop-punk bands produce straight up bangers. Other times, they produce content that sounds sophomoric.

However, at the end of the day, when they do it well, they do it REALLY WELL.

Knuckle Puck (KP) is one such band.

I was introduced to KP a few weeks ago via Spotify. I was immediately hooked by their sound, one that is simultaneouly angry and frustrated, yet beautiful, a vehicle to transport barried emotions and thought to a physical realm.

Perhaps my favorite song by KP is No Good.

Produced in 2013, No Good may be one of the band’s older songs, but it is absolutely one of their best.

Forget being overproduced; the song is emotive and raw, full of frustration and rage as lead vocalist Joe Taylor angrily screams poetically jarring lyrics.

“My mind was a fortress you knew how to rupture…”

“Every word she said, like knives in the back of my head”

“It’s nice to know that I wasn’t worth the seven-digit letdown”

AND, my personal favorites:

“It’s people just like you who make me the pessimist I am!”

“I’m no good, you’re no better!”

Oh man, honestly, this song is like your favorite pair of jeans that hugs and lifts in all the right places.

…It is just too good.

So, without further ado, I give you Knuckle Puck’s No Good:


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